9 Weeks Pregnant

-The Most Severe Period for Mood Swings and Anxiety!

When you are 9 weeks pregnant, you are near the end of first trimester. There are various dynamic and noticeable changes, which take place inside your body.

When you are in 9th week of pregnancy, the new resident inside your body is about 2.5 centimeters long and has the size of a grape. The little one will grow rapidly in weight starting with this week. The physical shape is already established and the ‘embryo look’ is starting to fade.

You may find yourself in the position of being extremely emotional and this week may prove to be a challenge for you and your loved ones supporting you through the pregnancy.

Week 9 pregnancy symptoms and physical changes that occur in your body

Changes in breast appearance

Your breasts will become full and tender. Areola on the breasts will become darker, also sweat glands and Montgomery’s glands can become prominent and more numerous.

9 weeks pregnant picturesFor the pregnant women with light complexion, the breast veins often become more pronounced

Weight gain for you or your baby?

Even though your body appears a little larger now, you will gain roughly 1-2 lbs per week. The weight gain is usually associated with fluid retention.

This is the time for you to start thinking about having maternity clothes.

Although there might be an overall increase in your weight it would be wrong to assume that all the weight is your baby’s.

Your child’s birth weight might be something between 6 to 8 pounds.

Uterus growth and increase in blood volume

When you are in week 9 of pregnancy, the weight of your expanded uterus would be around 2 lbs, the weight of your placenta would be about 1.5 pounds, while your breast tissues can weigh up to 1.5 to 2 pounds.

The fluid retained by your body also might weigh up to 4 pounds and your blood volume might weigh up to 4 pounds. Therefore it is not necessary that if your weight is more, your baby’s birth weight will also be more.

Looking pregnant and emotional consequences

In spite of the pregnancy not being very visible, the physical changes your body goes through will most likely make you feel unattractive and anything but sexy. It is very common for a future mom to lose her sexual appetite when she is 9 weeks pregnant in spite of the thing that most women look more glowing and fairly more attractive because of the quantity of hormones at work during this week.

Mood swings rollercoaster

Most of the women experience pregnancy mood swings and anxiety when they are in week 9 pregnancy.

Alternation takes place in between the feelings of elation to the feelings of trepidation. Most of the pregnant women find themselves crying over small things. All these cases are normal during pregnancy, because of the rapid fluctuation in hormone levels.

Progesterone induced fatigue and bloating

High levels of progesterone also lead to more fatigue and this can greatly influence your mood in pregnancy week 9. If this is the first pregnancy for you, then you feel very excited because your belly button slightly pops out by the end of this week.

Bloating and gassiness are also the symptoms that appear during 9 weeks’ pregnancy. Most of the pregnant women find that they are more prone to burping and flatulence.

Tips for 9 Weeks Pregnant

Care you need to take when you are in 9th week of pregnancy

Make sure that you consume enough proteins such as beans, nuts and soy proteins. You should get enough sleep and exercise, drink many fluids and take enough vitamin C.

Check your weight once in a week. Avoid weighing yourself everyday because the weight gain fluctuates throughout the day in between 1-5 lbs, which may discourage you. Therefore, it is better not to measure your weight everyday.

Watch your health

If you do not take proper care of yourself, then you will suffer from diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, depression that may appear during or post pregnancy. Lack of proper care might in the same time increase your odds of contacting viruses that can harm your baby or endanger your health.

Share the news at work

A very important thing when you are 9 weeks pregnant is breaking the news at work. This is a very delicate emotional period and this can affect your work performance. This is why you should let your boss and colleagues know that you are pregnant.

Some companies have protective rules for pregnant employees but if this is not the case it is better for them to know than judge your performance based on other assumptions.

Changes that occur in the fetus when you are 9 weeks pregnant

Your 9 week fetus is in between 20-28 millimeters in length or about an inch and weighs one gram.

  • By pregnancy week 9, your baby will have all the essential organs, nerves and muscles.
  • By this week, the growing baby will arrive into the fetus-club. This is a very exciting and exclusive stage during their prenatal development.
  • In this particular week, the irises of your little one’s eyes start to function.
  • The formation of external ears is already over and the inner ears fill with the fluid. Therefore, the baby inside you already has the sense of balance.
  • The functioning of the baby’s kidney starts and they begin to urinate at pregnancy 9 weeks.
  • The gallbladder, pancreas and reproductive organs develop.
  • The external genitals appear sexless despite the formation of ovaries and testes.
  • The embryonic tail starts to disappear and the baby’s face becomes more round.
  • The baby’s tongue starts to develop during this week.
  • The digestive system continues to evolve.
  • The baby’s tail vanishes and he/she looks like a miniature human being.
  • The pancreas is already formed and functioning and the intestines grow in length.
  • This is the week when the heart valves are formed.
  • The upper lip is formed and the face features are more defined and visible during the 9 weeks pregnant ultrasound.
  • Healthy eating tips for 9 weeks pregnancy

Healthy eating tips for 9 weeks pregnancy

Eat the proper food

Consuming nutritional pregnancy diet is very important. Avoid junk foods and make sure that you eat something from each of the below mentioned food groups every day:

  • Proteins like chicken, fish, meat and pulses
  • Dairy like milk and yogurt for enough calcium
  • Fruits and vegetables for essential vitamins and minerals
  • Starchy foods like whole meal bread, rice, pasta and potatoes

Along with this nutritional diet, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking as they can cause increased risk of miscarriage when you are in week 9 pregnancy.

Let the doctor know about your medical history

This is the right time to communicate to your doctor any family medical history fact that you may find relevant. This is part of prenatal screening and you should not be afraid to share these things with your doctor.

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9 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


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