Abortion Pills for 4 Weeks Pregnant

Two methods are available for abortion during the 4th to 9th week of pregnancy.

The first method is the Abortion Pill and the second method is the Vacuum Aspiration which can be applied up to 15 weeks of your pregnancy.

The available treatments differ from one clinic to another clinic for the number of weeks of the pregnancy.

Abortion pills for 4 weeks pregnant are available. The treatment may be of 2 days course and with 2 appointments.


These abortions make use of medication to terminate the pregnancy. This can be achieved with different types of medications provided either as a series of pills or a single pill. This is generally called as Absorption pill – Mifeprex. Medical abortion results in the early abortion by using the combination of medications misoprostol and mifepristone.

Abortion Pills for 4 Weeks Pregnant

This method is approved by Food Drug Administration to use up to 49 days after the past menstrual cycle period or for the seven weeks pregnant women. It is effective of 92 percent to 98 percent permitting the woman in terminating the pregnancy without any surgery use.

First appointment

At the appointment 1, you are provided with an oral tablet. This pill is known as the mifepristone and it helps in stopping the hormones which adapt your body to create the womb lining for the fertilized egg. After this you are capable of going home and doing all your regular activities.

Second appointment

At the appointment 2, you are provided with another oral pill which is called as prostaglandin. This pill acts quickly in breaking down the womb lining which also removes the embryo along with it. Pain may be experienced after having this pill but a painkiller can be used to overcome this.

Some of the clinics may use different types of drugs for the 2nd part but they all effectively act in the abortion.


The method of Abortion Pill causes vaginal bleeding which is same to that of heavy period. You may get some painful periods which can be overcome by taking painkillers. This type of abortion treatment can cause side effects like sickness, nausea and diarrhoea.

For taking the Abortion Pill treatment, you should not have more than 9 weeks pregnancy or 63 days from your previous menstrual period.

Can everyone take the abortion pill?

The method of early abortion does not suit everyone and there are some definite factors that mean that you do not qualify for this treatment.

Here some of these factors are mentioned.

  • If your age is 35 or above and smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day.
  • If you are having an ectopic pregnancy.
  • If your previous medical history has high BP, heart disease, kidney or liver disease.
  • If you are having adrenal failure


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