Anxiety in 36 Weeks Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very exciting journey of 9 months that ends with a wonderful joy with the child’s birth. Particularly for the first time pregnant women, it is filled with nervousness and anxiety about the delivery and baby’s birth.

The normal pregnancy duration lasts at any point between 37 weeks to 42 weeks. Hence, the pregnant women will have often anxiety in 36 weeks pregnancy about what to expect further.

Anxiety in 36 Weeks Pregnancy

At this week, the pregnant women are becoming more anxious to see and have their baby in the hands.

Fear and anxiety

Anxiety is normal in the third trimester of the pregnancy. The words fear and anxiety are used commonly and interchanged. Because of that so many people do not understand fully about what they mean.

Anxiety mainly refers to overriding the mental tension with not having any traceable cause, whereas fear may be resulted by specific, usually external reason which results the mental tension. The fears and anxieties that upset the sleep of pregnant woman can be the source of the recurrent insomnia.


While some amount of anxiety at the time of pregnancy is unavoidable. Anxiety and high stress levels can have unfavorable effect on both the baby and the mother, and there is also a growing evidence that the high levels can affect the kids long after their birth.

Factors which cause anxiety

Fear about the baby’s birth, impending parenthood, and labor are some of the factors which contribute to the anxiety. Third trimester will tend to cause more anxiety during pregnancy.

Easing anxiety

There are several different ways in getting relief from anxiety.

  • Do mild exercises.
  • Do medication.
  • Talk to your baby.
  • Keep track of your baby’s movements.
  • Use medication which helps in easing the anxiety. There are several medications that can relieve you from anxiety, but before using them consult your doctor, confirm and use them.


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