The Baby at 10 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Although the 10th week of your pregnancy might seem to be very early for you, the truth is that you are over the first quarter of your pregnancy.

In case you are thinking about the baby at 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound you should know that this is the time when the majority of women see their baby for the first time.

Baby at 10 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Information about the ultrasound of a baby at 10 weeks

If you take a look at your baby, you might see that he or she is over one inch long now. Starting with this moment it will be easier for the doctors to track the weight of the baby since he or she is starting to put on some weight. Now the weight of the baby is of 5 grams, about the weight of a small plum.

What to know about the 10 weeks baby ultrasound

Even though it might not be visible yet, the baby has grown a great deal during the last period. This is an important week for the development of the baby because the body plan of the baby is now completely laid down. It is interesting to know about this stage that the toes and fingers are completely separated.

If you have the baby at 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound you may notice that the tail has completely disappeared. There is some development in the mouth of the baby as well as the tooth buds and the taste buds appear and their development will continue in the following weeks as well.

The brain

This is one of the most important organs when thinking about the 10 weeks baby’s ultrasound. At this stage the brain of the baby is developing at an amazingly fast pace, producing a million of neurons per minute. The parents should know that by this time the heart of the baby has completely developed.

The genitalia

When it comes to the baby at 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you shouldn’t expect to see the genitalia of the baby. The development of the reproductive organs started during the previous week and only the internal body parts would have developed. However, the testes of the little boys are already producing testosterone.

What will you see on the ultrasound of a 10 weeks baby?

You should expect to see on the baby at 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound that the baby has a relatively large head compared to the rest of his or her body.


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