Your Baby at 12 Weeks Pregnant Development

If you are thinking about the baby at 12 weeks pregnant development, you should know that you already have a big baby.

There is a lot that he or she can do by this time. These little things make the baby human, even though they still have a long road ahead of them.

Baby at 12 Weeks Pregnant Development


One of the most important developments of the week is the appearance of the reflexes. Soon enough the fingers of the baby will start to open and close and the tiny toes will start to curl. Also the mouth will start making sucking movements and the eyes will clench.

It is interesting to know about the baby’s development during the 12th week of pregnancy that if you massage your belly the baby will squirm, but you won’t be able to feel this yet. Most probably the mothers will have to wait a few more weeks before they feel the first movements of the baby.

The internal organs

The evolution of internal organs is also part of the baby at 12 weeks pregnant development. The intestines have grown a lot and now they protrude into the umbilical cord and they start moving into the abdominal cavity. The kidneys start to function as well and they start producing urine that gets into the bladder. It is interesting to know that the thyroid already starts to function and produce hormones.

The nerves

The nervous system is developing too. The nerve cells are multiplying very fast and the brain synapses are continuously forming. Maybe the brain is the fastest developing organ of them all.

The face

When thinking about the baby at 12 weeks pregnant development, you should know that by this time the baby looks more human than ever. The eyes have moved to the front of the head from the sides and the ears are in the right place as well.

Size matters

The parents interested in the 12th week pregnancy development of the baby should know that during this stage the baby is over 2 inches long and he or she weighs about half an ounce. At this stage, the little one isn’t considered an embryo anymore: he or she becomes a fetus.

Keep in mind that there is a lot of available information regarding the baby at 12 weeks pregnant development if you are interested in how your baby is doing.


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