The Baby at 26 Weeks Pregnant Fetal Development

In case you are wondering about the baby at 26 weeks pregnant fetal development you should know that this is the time when the world gets bigger for the baby.

Most probably you know that the eyes of the little one were closed until now, but during this week they will open.

Baby at 26 Weeks Pregnant Fetal Development

General information

Until now it was important for the eyes of the baby to be closed so that the retina can develop. Now that it has developed, the baby has the possibility to see the world for the first time.

You can track the baby development of the 26th week of pregnancy. You should shine a flashlight towards your stomach. Most probably the baby will kick in response. This might be bothering for the little one, but at least something interesting happens, since there’s not much to see in your belly.

The eyes

When thinking about the baby at 26 weeks pregnant fetal development, most probably the most interesting thing about the baby is the eyes. At this point they don’t have much pigmentation. Later they will be filled in so at this point there is no way of knowing the color of the baby’s eyes.

The parents thinking about the 26th week of pregnancy baby development should know that the color of the eyes of the baby isn’t permanent after birth either. This means that you will have to wait until the little one is at least six months old to know for sure what color his or her eyes will have.

Brain activity

If you are thinking about the baby at 26 weeks pregnant fetal development, you ought to know that the highlight of the week is brain activity. There are millions of neurons developing, making sure that you will have a healthy baby when he or she is born. It is interesting to know that while the baby can now hear the noises, he or she can also respond to them.

When it comes to the 26th pregnancy week baby development you may know that the baby is getting quite large so there is less and less space for him or her in the uterus. You don’t have to worry: the baby makes room, but this means that you will feel more cramped on the inside than ever before.


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