All About the Baby at 27 Weeks Pregnant

All parents want to know as much as they can about the baby at 27 weeks pregnant.

The most interesting thing that happens in this period is that the little one opens his or her eyes.

Naturally the development doesn’t stop either and the baby becomes stronger by the minute.

Baby at 27 Weeks Pregnant

General information

At this time the baby is of about 14.5 inches long and he or she weighs about 2 pounds. Although the little one could hear last week too, now his or her hearing is better and he or she can react to the smallest noises. Now that the eyes are open too, he or she can blink.

The third trimester

When thinking about the baby of the 27th week of pregnancy it is good to know that you are already in your third trimester. Although it is difficult to believe, the baby now looks like he or she will upon birth. He or she has hair in all the right places, not to mention the eyelashes and the eyebrows.

Getting stronger

As the baby at 27 weeks pregnant becomes stronger, the muscles also develop. Just like the muscles, the brain is also developing. This might be the right time to share music, reading and the conversations with the little one. During this time, it is possible for the baby to recognize your voice and the voice of the father, so make sure to talk to the baby as much as you can.

The eyes

Even though the eyes of the 27th week of pregnancy baby are already open, they still need to develop. If you shine a flashlight at your belly and move it around most probably the little one will follow it, turning his or her head.

A little survivor

It is good to know about the baby at 27 weeks pregnant that if he or she was born during this week, the chances of surviving were of 80%. Nonetheless you should also know that it is possible for the baby to be affected by serious complications.

Closer to the real appearance

Now the baby is very close to how he or she will look like after birth. The internal organs are working perfectly (although they still have to develop). Now the baby is doing much of the things that he or she will as a newborn.

The baby at 27 weeks pregnant is closer to your idea of a baby than you would think.


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