Your Baby at 29 Weeks Pregnant – Fetal Development

There is a lot to say about the baby at 29 weeks pregnant fetal development.

At this point the baby is 15 inches long and he or she weighs about 2.5 pounds.

The baby is really busy during this week: the brain is producing billions of neurons on a daily basis.

Baby at 29 Weeks Pregnant Fetal Development

General information

Besides the brain, the lungs and muscles are also developing and they continue to mature. It is interesting to know that the baby is already able to sense tastes and he or she can also respond to pain. A cute thing to know is that there are tiny teeth forming under the gums.

A big head

Although parents don’t want to think about negative things when it comes to the development of the baby during the 29th week of pregnancy, we have to admit that the baby has a relatively large head and it is still growing to accommodate the brain. Now the eyes are able to move in their sockets and the baby can follow a moving light.

It’s not just light that the baby reacts to, but he or she can taste, even more, he or she can even express dislike or preferences for different kinds of tastes.

Moving around

When it comes to the 29th week of pregnancy baby development it is good to know that the baby can now move from one side to the other, but most probably he or she is head up. In a few weeks, he or she will change positions as a part of preparations for birth.

The truth about the baby at 29 weeks pregnant fetal development is that during this time the baby is moving around quite a bit. This might be because there is little room left in the womb. Even though the baby is relatively small, he or she can kick and hit quite hard.


The parents should know about the 29th pregnancy week baby development that the hearing of the baby is getting better and better and now he or she can distinguish the voices from other sounds. This is why the parents can teach the baby through music.

The baby at 29 weeks pregnant fetal development looks more mature than ever before and he or she is starting to act like a real child.


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