Your Baby at 31 Weeks Pregnant

The women thinking about the baby at 31 weeks pregnant should know that by this time the baby is of about 18 inches long and he or she is supposed to weigh over three pounds.

Although you might think that he or she is already heavy, you should know that he or she would gain another three pounds until birth.

Baby at 31 Weeks Pregnant

The brain

This is the time when the brain of the baby is working overtime. The speed of development is faster than before. The main job of the brain right now is to grow connections between the individual cells. Because of this fast development, now the baby is able to perceive information from all the five senses.

The sense of smell

When thinking about the 31st week of pregnancy and the baby it is just natural that at this time there are no smells for the baby to sense because he or she is surrounded by amniotic fluid and there is need for air to notice smells. It is interesting to know that one of the first smells that the baby will feel will be your smell.

Hearing development

The hearing of the baby at 31 weeks pregnant also gets better. If he or she hears            some loud or sudden voices, they could even jump in the uterus. In the same time if you are listening to music you may notice some rhythmic movements of the baby. It is even possible for the baby to have preferences regarding music.

Movement of the fetus during the 31st week of pregnancy

There are a lot of cute things to know about the baby at 31 weeks pregnant. Besides the fact that your smell will become the favorite smell of the baby, you should also know that during this time the baby moves a lot. Now the baby can make faces, swallow, hiccup, breathe and pedal with the feet and hands.

Another thing to know about the 31st pregnancy week baby is that he or she is sucking their thumb quite a lot. This is why it is possible for the little one to have calluses on his or her thumb upon birth.

If you are thinking about the baby at 31 weeks pregnant, keep in mind that the lungs continue their development and the digestive tract is almost mature. Now that almost all the major organs are functioning, the main activity will be to grow muscle and fat.


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