Interesting Facts About the Baby at 32 Weeks Pregnant

The parents should know that the baby at 32 week pregnant is supposed to be of about 19 inches long and he or she should weigh around 4 pounds.

At this point the baby is measured from head to toe, but he or she is actually curled up since there isn’t much space in the uterus.

Baby at 32 Weeks Pregnant

General information about the 32nd week of pregnancy baby

You might have got used to the rolling and rocking, but now the movements of the baby change. Now he or she is squirming and tapping. This is because although the baby is comfortable in the uterus, he or she has only little space to move. Most probably at this point, the baby has a bottoms up and head down position, because he or she is already preparing for birth.

When thinking about the 32nd pregnancy week and the baby it is good to know that only about 5% of the babies prefer to be in a head up position that is also known as the breech position. You shouldn’t worry if your baby doesn’t have the right position yet. Most probably, he or she will change positions before birth.


The baby at 32 week pregnant is still nourished through the umbilical cord, ‘stealing’ your nutrients. However since pretty soon the little one will be having formula or breast milk, the digestive system of the baby is already preparing for the transition.

The skin

Most probably you already got used to the baby having translucent skin, but the 32nd week of pregnancy baby is already accumulating fat under the skin and this makes the skin have an opaque appearance. Since there is little time left until birth, the fetus starts to look more and more like a real baby.


Since the baby at 32 week pregnant has to prepare for an important journey, he or she is sleeping quite a lot. Usually the little one has sleep cycles of 20-40 minutes. When sleeping the baby has no activity and this is why you might notice that the baby is less active these days.

Cute little details about the fetus during the 32nd week of pregnancy

In case you are interested in the baby at 32 week pregnant you should know that the fingernails of the little one are already visible. If you will have a little boy, the testicles are descending into the scrotum during this week.


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