Baby at 33 Weeks Pregnant – Development Steps to Follow

When thinking about the baby at 33 weeks pregnant development, you should know that the little one already weighs about 4 and a half pounds and he or she could be 19 inches long by now.

It is possible for the baby to grow an entire inch in only one week.

Baby at 33 Weeks Pregnant Development

General information about the development of the baby during the 33rd week of pregnancy

Usually the babies who were shorter than normal until now start growing very fast at this stage. It’s not only the length of the baby that increases, but also his or her weight. It is possible for him or her to gain about the third of their weight until the time of birth.

The amniotic fluid

When it comes to the baby’s development during the 33rd week of pregnancy it is good to know that this is the time when the amniotic fluid reaches its maximum level. This is why the mothers feel the kicks differently, since there is almost no fluid to cushion them.

Acting like a baby

Now he or she keeps the eyes open when being awake and closes them when he or she is sleeping.

The mothers thinking about the 33rd week of pregnancy baby development ought to know that the uterine wall is becoming thinner and so more light can penetrate into your belly. As a result the baby can make the difference between day and night.

Immune system

One of the most important things about the baby at 33 weeks pregnant development is that he or she reaches one of the most important milestones: the development of his or her immune system. This will protect the little one against mild infections with the help of antibodies that he or she gets from the mother.

Practice makes perfect

In case of the 33rd pregnancy week, baby development practice is very important. The little one practices breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid. He or she also practices urinating. Normally by this time, lanugo starts to disappear so you won’t have a hairy baby.

Keep in mind regarding the baby at 33 weeks pregnant development that at this point the baby would be able to survive on his or her own.


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