The Baby at 42 Weeks Pregnant

If you are thinking about the baby at 42 weeks pregnant, it is possible that the baby is really overdue.

Although it is common for the babies to arrive later than planned, the little one will get more attention this week.

Your doctor will run some tests to make sure that the little one is alright.

Baby at 42 Weeks Pregnant


Since the little one spends so much time in amniotic fluid, his or her skin will become wrinkled, peeling and cracked. This is nothing to be worried about because the effects are temporary. The problem is caused by the fact that the baby sheds the vernix earlier and now there is nothing to protect his or her skin.

When thinking about the 42nd week of pregnancy baby you should also expect the hair of the baby to be longer, not to mention the nails. There is an advantage as well of the baby being overdue: when he or she is born, the little one will be more alert than the other babies.

What about the little one

Since the baby should have been born by this time, the baby at 42 weeks pregnant is more than ready for the life in the real world. All the internal organs are functioning as they should be, although he or she is still nourished by the umbilical cord.

There will be some changes for the 42nd pregnancy week baby when he or she will be born. The umbilical cord will stop providing the nutrients in the moment when the baby takes the first breath of air. In the same time this will be the moment when the lungs will become fully mature.

The looks

By this time the baby at 42 weeks pregnant is more than handsome (if he is a boy) or really pretty (if she is a girl). The little one has accumulated fat, so that he or she looks like a real baby and they have everything that they need including the fingernails and toenails, eyebrows, eyelashes and the majority of the babies have hair.

What happens?

One of the biggest changes regarding the 42nd week of pregnancy fetus is that the body of the baby will produce hormones that stress the baby so that he or she will want to come out.

If you wonder about the baby at 42 weeks pregnant, you can be sure that most probably you will see him or her pretty soon.


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