The Baby at 8 Weeks Pregnant in Womb

Most probably you can’t really put your finger on what’s more interesting for you about the baby at 8 weeks pregnant in womb.

Usually the parents want to know everything that’s happening to their baby and they would like to see it live if they had the possibility.

Baby at 8 Weeks Pregnant in Womb

General information about the baby at 8 weeks pregnancy

Just as you may have guessed, the body parts and the proportions of the baby change quite a lot during this week. You could see with your naked eyes how the baby is changing and growing. Although he or she is still very tiny, he or she is becoming more human-like by the minute.

How’s the development going?

At 8 weeks pregnancy the baby in the womb is of about the size of a lima bean. This means that he or she has grown a great deal since conception. The most interesting thing that you should know about regarding this stage is that this is the time when the toes and fingers of the baby start to develop.

Before this stage, the baby only had buds that would later turn into arms and legs. Remember that the baby at 8 weeks pregnant in womb has longer arms and legs that look like real body parts. Even more, at this stage the elbows, ankles and wrists become visible.

It is good to know about the baby at pregnancy week 8 in the uterus that even the smallest body parts of the baby start to develop, such as the upper lip, ears, eyelids and the nose tip. The face of the baby starts to develop the special characteristics.

The heart

Usually when parents are asking about baby at 8 weeks pregnant in womb they are also interested in the heart function of the baby. During the 8th week, the heart of the baby beats at a rate of 160 bpm. The baby already starts to move around, but usually the mothers aren’t aware of these movements.

Becoming visible

When it comes to the 8th week of pregnancy and the baby in the uterus, it is good to know that the skin of the baby is getting more and more pigments, so it is becoming less transparent. Although it may seem like the eyes of the baby are opening, the eyelids will stay fused until the 26th week of pregnancy.

A lot of interesting things go on regarding the baby at 8 weeks pregnant in womb.


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