Your Baby Development at 15 Weeks Pregnant

In the majority of the cases, women start showing around the 15th week of pregnancy and this is due to the baby development at 15 weeks pregnant.

At this time the baby has everything he or she needs to survive, but he or she still needs their mothers to nourish them.

Baby Development at 15 Weeks Pregnant

Physical development

By this time the legs and arms of the baby have formed entirely and the little one is moving them a lot while floating in the amniotic fluid. It is possible for the mothers to notice these movements. It is believed that the arms develop at a faster rate than the legs and at this point the fingernails may become visible.

Fetal heartbeat

It is interesting to know about the 15th week of pregnancy baby development that the heartbeat of the baby may be strong enough to be heard with the help of a Doppler device. This device amplifies the sound of the blood flowing through the vessels. The heart rate is supposed to be of 120-160 bpm.


Mothers should know about the baby development at 15 weeks pregnant that at this stage the ovaries descend from the abdomen in case of little girls. Also the vagina starts to hollow out and the cervix starts to develop too. The baby girl has about 6 million eggs, but their number starts to diminish starting with this stage.

If you are interested in the 15th pregnancy week baby development, you ought to know that when the baby is born, she has about one million eggs. On the other hand, if you will have a baby boy, the prostate is already visible at this stage. The testes are formed as well, but they will descend only at a later stage.

However, the baby development at 15 weeks pregnant also involves the testes producing testosterone which influences the development of the male scrotum and penis. If your doctor is well-trained, he or she will be able to distinguish the genitalia of the baby.

The head

The baby development during the 15th week of pregnancy still means that the head of the baby appears to be too large for the body of the little one. Although the eyes are already in the right place, the forehead still has a strange appearance.

There are some books that you could read regarding the baby development at 15 weeks pregnant but keep in mind that every baby has his or hers very own growth rate.


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