The Baby Development at 28 Weeks Pregnant

The parents thinking about the baby development at 28 weeks pregnant should know about this stage that the baby already has a regular sleeping pattern.

The little one has gained some weight and now he or she weighs about 2.2 pounds and is 15 inches long.

Baby Development at 28 Weeks Pregnant

General information

For sure you know that by this time, the baby has some hair, but now it becomes more visible. Another interesting thing to know about this stage is that the teeth have already formed under the gums. Until now the eyes looked a bit weird, but now they get into their right place, into the eye sockets.

Sleeping like a baby

In case you are thinking about the baby’s development during the 28th week of pregnancy you should know that the specialists found rapid eye movements in case of babies. This means that it is possible for the babies to be dreaming. At this stage the eyes can also open, although the color of the eyes will change after birth.

Talking to the little one

When thinking about the baby development at 28 weeks pregnant, you should remember to talk to the little one. Singing songs and reading stories to the baby were shown to slow down the little one’s heart rate. During this time, the baby can recognize the voice of the mother and it calms him or her down.

The lungs

It is important to know about the 28th week pregnant baby development that at this stage the branches of the lungs are relatively developed. This means that the baby could survive if he or she was born prematurely. In case this happens, the survival rate is of about 90%. Some complications may occur but they are a lot less serious compared to the ones that might have happened if the baby was born in the previous weeks.

The brain

The brain is the most important organ when it comes to the baby development at 28 weeks pregnant. Until this point its surface was relatively smooth, but starting this week it develops indentations and grooves on the surface. In the same time the baby will have more brain tissue as well.

Looking round

There are a lot of nice things to think about regarding the baby development at 28 weeks pregnant. For instance, you should know that the baby is starting to have some fat. This means that he or she doesn’t look that skinny anymore, but more like a real baby.


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