The Baby Development at 36 Weeks Pregnant

The parents thinking about the baby development at 36 weeks pregnant should know that this is the time when the baby reaches the 6 pounds milestone and now he or she is about 19 inches long.

The baby is accumulating more and more fat which makes him or her look like a real child.

Baby Development at 36 Weeks Pregnant

General information

Since the babies are continuously accumulating fat, it is no wonder that they are becoming chubby. This is why they will have creases at their wrists and necks. The baby is ready to be born. The liver and the kidneys are already processing the waste products. However the lungs still have some maturing to do.


One of the most important stages of the baby’s development during the 36th week of pregnancy is the so-called ‘lighting’ or ‘dropping’. This means that the baby drops into the birth canal. If you had another baby before, it is possible that in your case lighting will happen right before birth.

In normal cases the baby development at 36 weeks pregnant means that the baby is in a head down position. However in about 5% of the cases the babies have a bottom down position. This is the breech position and the babies will stay like this until birth. The movements of the baby only involve rolling from one side to the other.


The 36th week of pregnancy baby development also involves bonding with the mother. For this to happen, you will have to talk to the little one. At this stage the baby is able to recognize voices. If there is a loud or sudden noise the baby can express their disapproval through a kick.

The bone structure

The good news about the baby development at 36 weeks pregnant is that the bone structure of the little one is hardening. Naturally the skull is an exception, which is a pretty good thing for the mother. Having a solid bone structure will make sure that the baby will be strong enough to survive in the new world.

Physical fitness

As a result of all that moving and kicking, the baby development at 36 weeks pregnant involves the baby having improved muscle tone. The muscle tone of the baby can be checked through the Ulnar grasp. This is the reflex that makes the baby squeeze your fingers when you give it your hand after it is born.


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