Facts About Baby Fetal Development 35 Weeks Pregnant

The baby fetal development 35 weeks pregnant is really important.

At this point the baby is of about 19 inches long and he or she is supposed to weigh about 5 and a half pounds.

The little one is getting round because of the layers of the accumulated fat.

Baby Fetal Development 35 Weeks Pregnant

General information

It is interesting to know about the development of the baby that he or she is gaining about half a pound per week in this period. The majority of the fat is accumulated in the legs and arms. Fat is pretty important because it keeps the baby warm, helping him or her regulate the body temperature.

Although the baby seems round during the 35th week of pregnancy development, he or she still doesn’t have enough fat to keep them warm outside the uterus. If the baby got born at this stage, doctors would put him in an incubator. The chances of survival are of about 90%.

All about development

The baby fetal development 35 weeks pregnant means that the lungs of the little one are already mature. One of the most interesting things about the baby is that he or she already has reflexes. The babies can turn their head, respond to light, touch and sounds and they have a firm grasp.

In the same time the 35th pregnancy week baby development also includes that the baby is moving in the womb quite a lot. Since the baby is growing so fast, there is less and less space in the uterus, so most probably the mother feels every little movement of the baby.

Since there is less space for the baby fetal development 35 weeks pregnant, the movements become less forceful. The mothers might want to check the movements of the baby from time to time and they could do a kick count to make sure that everything is alright.

Brain power

The 35th week of pregnancy fetal development also includes the brain. While the organ is developing at a fast pace, luckily the skull remains relatively soft; this will facilitate the passing of the baby through the birth canal.

When thinking about the baby fetal development 35 weeks pregnant you can expect the little one to looks and acts like a real baby. He or she has everything they need for a life outside the womb.


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