Cramps in 39 Weeks Pregnant

Though the pregnancy can be a pleasant experience for women, there are various problems which are also related to it. Most of the pregnant women complain about the cramps from the beginning and till the pregnancy end.

If it occurs towards the pregnancy end, it is likely to activate the panic, particularly, if it happens during the 39th week of the pregnancy. This is mostly because of the fact that many women regard the cramps in 39 weeks pregnant as a labor sign.

Many women indeed express that they experience 39 weeks pregnancy cramps before going into the labor. There is also some uneasiness at times that could accompany the cramps in this week.

Back pain and cramps

Backaches are normal at the time of pregnancy because of the increased stress on the back muscles. However, the back pain and cramps are labor signs and therefore, they should not be avoided. It is essential to consult a doctor when a lady experiences such symptoms, particularly if they are associated with the contractions.

Nausea and cramps

Common complaint of most of the pregnant women is morning sickness, where they feel like nauseous. Even though the term is morning sickness, it can occur in any time. While this nausea tends to diminish in the pregnant Cramps in 39 Weeks Pregnantwomen after the 2nd trimester, but there might be some women who experience that even in the later stages of their pregnancy.

In several kinds of cases, it is common for the pregnant woman to feel a bit of uneasiness or even nauseous, before going into the labor. Therefore, if a woman experiences cramps of 39 weeks and nausea, it would be better for the woman to be prepared for labor and watch for other kinds of signs.

Diarrhea and cramps

As the pregnant woman’s body prepares for the labor, it releases a chemical called as prostaglandins which leads to loose bowel movements. Therefore, the cramps of 39 weeks and diarrhea could indicate that the baby is ready to come out.

If the above mentioned symptoms occur it would be better to consult the physician, it is essential to keep in mind that the 39 weeks cramps always do not indicate the labor. There could also be other factors that can lead to these kinds of cramps. In few cases, these cramps could be a continuous problem, whereas in some other cases, it can be a onetime happening, where they might get cramps when engaging in some activity or when walking.


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