Dealing with the Uneasiness at 8 Weeks Pregnancy

Many women experience certain discomforts all over the pregnancy and they are not sure of what to do. But there are certain things that women can do in getting relief from these discomforts.

At 8 weeks of the pregnancy, you are likely to have some uneasiness. Here are some procedures which you can do and that can help you in dealing with the uneasiness at 8 weeks pregnancy.

Dealing with the Uneasiness at 8 Weeks Pregnancy


If you are experiencing constipation, the simple solution is to consume much leafy greens. If you eat anything from spinach to kale and broccoli will definitely work.

Eating the greens instead of buying many laxatives will be much better and healthier for your baby and you in the long run. Eating lots of vegetables with rich fiber will promote the bowel movement avoiding the constipation and other kind of pains.


Don’t go ridiculous and do exercise for several hours in a day, but doing a little bit can cause a huge variation. It is very essential to do exercise during pregnancy, but be sure that you use right form. One exercise which is always good for you is walking. It helps you in getting some fresh air, to get the heart rate up and it also helps to get the endorphins moving in the body. Just 15 minutes to 20 minutes walk every day will do wonders. Certain kind of exercises can be harmful to your developing baby like the exercises which you do from your back can reduce the flow of air to the baby if it is not done properly. Just consult your doctor before doing the exercises for safety.


Try to reduce the salt or otherwise sodium amount when you are eating. Too much of sodium or salt can increase swelling in you because of the water retention. Reduce the intake of sodium amount in the diet, which can help in reducing the swelling when you are in the 8th week of your pregnancy or beyond.

Frequent urination

In your 8th week, you feel like going to the bathroom more often. This is absolutely normal at the time of pregnancy and it should not be avoided. If you avoid the urge to go to the bathroom, it may lead to the Urinary Tract Infection.


As you are growing another body inside you, you require more sleep. It is very important in trying to get more sleep to reduce the tiredness as much as possible during the pregnancy. If you try this, it will make a lot of difference.


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