Development of a Baby at 12 Weeks Pregnant

The twelfth week of pregnancy is an end of the first trimester. Even if your symptoms of the pregnancy diminish, your baby or the fetus will be still growing. During the 12th week of pregnancy, the size of the fetus is about a small fruit and it starts to look like a human.

There is a huge development of a baby at 12 weeks pregnant. The face of the fetus is well formed and the eyes are located on the front of the head and the ears are located on the sides.

Development of a Baby at 12 Weeks Pregnant

Functioning organs

By this week, more number of organs not only developed but also functioning. The pancreas is forming insulin, the liver is producing bile, and the kidneys are working.

Other essential developments

By this week, the baby consists of the vocal chords. The digestive system is functioning through which the baby is swallowing amniotic fluid, digesting that and also urinating. The baby’s fetal digestive system is starting to practice the movements of contraction essential for eating. The bone marrow is developing the white blood cells. Hormones production is started by the pituitary gland.

Size of the fetus

By this week your fetus is about two inches long and weighs about half an ounce.


This week your fetus is developing the basic reflexes including blinking, startling and suckling. Bright lights, loud noises are even a poke to the stomach will bring out a response.

Baby’s movement

At this period, the baby can move and if the pregnant woman pushes on her belly, the baby reacts to that. But the mother would not experience the baby movement. In this week, the mouth of the baby starts a sucking action.


The legs and arms are developed and are slender and long in this stage. The baby can able to make a fist with the fingers.


The kidneys will pass the urine into the urinary bladder. The brain of your baby is increasing and functioning. The nerve cells of your baby’s brain are increasing spectacularly in numbers. The synapses in the brain are also forming and building energetically. The baby can identify and respond to the stimuli.


In this week, the face of the baby has taken the shape and clearly looks like a human. The baby can open the eyes, and the toes and fingers of the baby develop and the ears begin to take the form.


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