The Development of baby at 13 weeks pregnant

The mothers to be are usually very interested in the development of baby at 13 weeks pregnant.

It is no wonder since it is an important milestone, as this is the last week of the first trimester.

In only 13 weeks, the baby has grown from an embryo into a fetus.

Development of baby at 13 weeks pregnant

General information

As the days go by, the baby starts looking more and more like a real human. Although he or she looks like he or she is always resting because the eyelids are closed (they are fused together), you can be sure that all the other body parts are moving. However, you will be able to feel this only later.

The baby development during the 13th week of pregnancy also includes that the baby is already able to suck his or her thumb. At this point, the little one has about the size of an egg. Now he or she is about three inches long and he or she is constantly gaining weight.

The baby gets stronger

Until now the baby had cartilage instead of bones, but the 13th pregnancy week baby development also includes that the cartilage is slowly being replaced by bones. This is also the time when the ribs appear to protect the inner organs of the little one. The face is more and more defined around the chin and the nose areas.

It’s all about movement

As it has been mentioned before regarding the development of baby at 13 weeks pregnant, you can’t feel the baby move yet, but the specialists can already measure the movements. One of the cutest things that the baby does at this stage is opening and closing his or her tiny mouth.

Growing and the development of baby at 13 weeks pregnant

When thinking about the 13th week of pregnancy and baby development you should know that by this time the external genitals of the baby have formed, so the doctors might be able to tell you the gender of the little one. It is good to know that the body of the baby is already producing insulin to regulate the blood sugar level.

Believe it or not, the development of baby at 13 weeks pregnant involves the baby having already his or her unique fingerprints. This is the time when the muscles lengthen and they all find their right place. As a result, the baby is able to kick and to flex the arms.


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