The Development of Baby at 7 Weeks Pregnant

Although this is a really early stage, a lot of mothers are thinking about the development of baby at 7 weeks pregnant.

You should be prepared for the fact that at this time the little one looks nothing like a regular baby, but you can be sure that he or she has everything he or she needs to become a real human being.

Development of Baby at 7 Weeks Pregnant

The 7 weeks pregnant baby development

It seems like this week of development is all about the facial features. The milestone of the 6th week was the fetal heartbeat, but now the baby’s face gets into the center of attention. While all babies are beautiful, this is the time that determines just how beautiful your baby will be.

What to know about the baby development during 7 weeks pregnancy?

By this time, the baby is of about 1/3 inch long. This means that he or she is smaller than the pinky fingernail. As it has been mentioned before, the face of the baby is developing at a fast pace. The nostrils, mouth and ears become more defined.

It is interesting to know about the development of baby at 7 weeks pregnant that the lenses of the baby’s eyes start to form and the iris is already visible, so if you saw the baby you may already notice the color of his or her eyes.

Taking shape

Naturally, the baby’s development at the 7th week of pregnancy isn’t just about the face. The shoulders, arms, leg, hands and feet also start to take shape. Although at this point the toes and the fingers aren’t visible, but their development is only a week away.

Becoming human-like

The development of baby at 7 weeks pregnant also includes that the neck of the baby straightens and it also elongates. The brain continues its development and it becomes more and more complex. The skull that is supposed to protect the brain is still relatively transparent and continues to evolve into its natural round shape.


As it has been mentioned before regarding the baby’s 7th pregnancy week development, the limbs start to form. Small buds appear that will later become the arms and legs. At this moment they are really small and they don’t really resemble real body parts.

There is a lot to know about the development of baby at 7 weeks pregnant. The more information you gather about the topic, the better you will understand your baby’s life in the womb right now.


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