Development of Fetus in 20 Weeks Pregnancy

Now you are in the midst point of your pregnancy and also of your second trimester.

Your little baby has crossed another milestone. There is a lot of development of fetus in 20 weeks pregnancy.

In this week, your baby is measured from head to heel. Your baby is about 6 inches long and weighs about 10.5 ounces in this week.

Essential developments in the body systems and hormones have already taken place and others are still in progress.

Development of Fetus in 20 Weeks Pregnancy


Your baby’s body is covered well in vernix. This vernix is a white cheesy form of coating which protects the baby skin from the surrounded amniotic fluid. This vernix gives a soft feel after the baby’s birth and bath.


Meconium is a sticky black substance which makes up the first bowel movement of the baby when he/she is born. This substance begins to form at this stage of pregnancy.


Baby’s immunities are starting to develop, as there is a transfer of antibodies from your body to the baby. These antibodies are also transferred through the breastfeeding to the baby, which protects the baby from infections and viruses.

Baby senses

Senses of baby are developing, and the baby can start to smell, see, taste, hear and touch. This is because the nerve cells of the baby are continuing to develop new connections daily. Baby can recognize and hear the voice of mother. Baby can respond to the loud sounds and he/she can hear the sounds external to the womb.

Baby’s spine

The baby’s spine is fairly straight at this development stage. If you have an ultrasound exam this week, the scan clearly shows each vertebra in the baby’s spine.

Abdominal organs

The exciting news about this week is the abdominal organs of your baby including the liver, intestines and stomach are completely enclosed in the cavity of abdomen.

Organs occupying proper place

Baby’s organs are occupying their appropriate places. The kidneys are in position now with their known bean shape. If the baby is a boy, his testes will have arrived to their position and if the baby is a girl, her ovaries have reached their place.

Other developments

Your baby’s nails and hair continue to develop. Baby’s limbs are developed well at the 20th week of your pregnancy. You can feel your baby’s movements in this stage. The brain continues to grow and develop. The teeth begin to appear and the baby can swallow.


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