Development of the Baby in 32 Weeks Pregnant

The development of the fetus continues during your third trimester.

There is a good development of the baby in 32 weeks pregnant.

In this week your baby weighs around 4 pounds and about 17 inches long. Your baby can gain more weight.

Development of the Baby in 32 Weeks Pregnant


Though your baby’s lungs will not be developed fully until just earlier the birth, your baby is busy in inhaling the surrounded amniotic fluid to exercise the lungs. From this week, the babies who get born earlier to the due date will have a chance to survive and thrive.

Reproductive organs

If your baby is a boy baby, the baby’s testicles should have moved down from the abdomen to the scrotum. But sometimes both the testicles or one testicle will not move to the position till the baby’s birth. For some baby boys whose testicles are not descended at birth, the status adjusts itself by the baby’s first birthday.


Some babies are already having hair on the head, while some others will have only some wisps. Thick hair at the time of birth always doesn’t mean that there will be thick hair later on.

Sense organs

Your baby’s all 5 senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight are well developed now, and the baby is practicing using these senses right now.


Your baby can dream now. Studies show that the babies have the Rapid Eye Movement periods of sleep in a dream state.


The skin of your baby is less lucid. Indeed it is turning pinker. Now the blood vessels are not visible under the skin, but they are now hidden beneath the skin.


Your baby’s fingernails have developed long enough in this stage of pregnancy. Now the fingernails reach the tip of the baby’s fingers.


The baby is becoming chubby as the muscle and fat is being packed beneath the skin. The baby is acquiring a rounded, cute and adorable look.


From now, your baby will be aware of the surroundings and can also hear the belly rumblings, heartbeats and so on. The baby is also aware of the outside environment, and also responds to the external voices, particularly loud voices.

Baby’s position

Usually, by this period, in your uterus the baby will be in inverted position, that means head down position or upside down. It is believed as the final position of the baby earlier to the labor time. But in some women, the baby might take 7 days or more to be in this position.

Baby movements

The baby is developing steadily and the uterus space is getting less for the baby as he/she is growing in size, but still you can experience the baby’s movements. Irrespective of the space in the uterus, you can notice almost 10 movements in a day.


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