Effects of Pregnancy at 6 Weeks – Things to Know

The women thinking about the effects of pregnancy at 6 weeks should know that this is an important moment of their pregnancy because usually this is the time when women find out they are pregnant.

In the same time during this period women start noticing the first signs of pregnancy.

Effects of Pregnancy at 6 Weeks

Missed period

This is one of the most obvious signs of a pregnancy. Since the embryo gets embedded into the uterus’ lining, you won’t have your regular periods anymore. However, there might be some spotting because of the embedding of the embryo that could also be accompanied by some cramping.

Urinating frequently

It is a classic one of the pregnancy effects during the 6th week for women to have to go to the toilet more often. This symptom is caused by the pregnancy hormones that increase the blood flow to the bladder and the kidneys, resulting in frequent urges to urinate.


There is a lot going on in your body these days so it is just natural that as one of the effects of pregnancy at 6 weeks you will notice fatigue. There are a lot of things that will prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep including having to go to the toilet and the hormone progesterone will make you even sleepier.

Vomiting and nausea

There are only a few lucky women who escape this one of the effects from the 6th week of pregnancy. It is also known as morning sickness and it is caused by the pregnancy hormones. These slow down the clearing of the stomach which can result in sickness. Also remember that women have a heightened sense of smell and some odors can make them nauseous.

Tender and sore breasts

One of the first effects of pregnancy at 6 weeks that you will see is breast changes. Because of the pregnancy hormones the breasts become tender and swollen and they could also feel heavy. To make yourself feel more comfortable you should get a supportive bra.


When it comes to the symptoms of pregnancy during the 6th week, women often complain about headaches. The specialists don’t really know why these occur but in case of some women the headaches appear around the same time each day.

You should really prepare for the effects of pregnancy at 6 weeks.


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