Exercises for 37 Weeks Pregnant

37th week is an exciting period for most of the pregnant women. The pregnancy is at full term now and the baby will be born soon.

Doing exercise even in the final stage provides benefits to both the baby and the mother if done in a right way.

Continuing to do exercises in the late pregnancy helps in regulating postural stability and keeps you strong after your baby’s birth.

There are certain exercises for 37 weeks pregnant which will help you and your baby. If you are having any concerns or questions about exercises, discuss with your doctor.

Exercises for 37 Weeks Pregnant


Swimming is very beneficial for your health during this stage as it cushions the bouncing movements and jerks of the workouts. Riding a stationary bike or short walks is agreeable even in this pregnancy stage.

Ball exercise

You can do exercise ball in this week of your pregnancy. It serves as an effective tool to provide strength to the core muscles, i.e., the abs at the time of pregnancy. It provides a welcome relaxation and comfort at the time of pregnancy and the labor.

But you should be sure that the ball diameter is consistent and prepared from burst resistant material. For some women who are shorter than 5 foot 3, inflate your ball to 55 cm which is standard. While for the taller women, the ball should be inflated to 65 cm.


Yoga is a very good technique in the late pregnancy to maintain your body flexible and also aid in proper breathing. If you have already started doing yoga in the early pregnancy stage, now it is required to be adjusted as the situations are somewhat different now. You want to be careful especially of avoiding the moves that needs you to bend the knee, and also the sit-ups that bend your back a lot. Adapt exercises in such a way that the bends are not so deep.

Wall plie

A wall plie can be done to keep your leg and abdominal muscles strong. Try to keep your feet little bit above to your hip width apart locating your hands on wall. Incline the hips in such a way that your tailbone should point downwards. Bend the knees, lower to the torso pointing towards the floor. Now, put your legs straight by pressing through the heels. Do it twice with 10 to 12 repetitions.

When doing the exercises in the late pregnancy, it is very essential that you do not experience dizzy or weak. Always avoid bouncy or shaky motions even if you are doing water exercises. One problem that you want to protect against during the pregnancy is overheating your body. Always keep your heartbeat count and if it reaches above 140, it might be a cause for the concern.


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