Fetal Development in 10 Weeks Pregnant

At your 10th week of your pregnancy you are in the final stage of the first trimester. First trimester includes first 12 weeks of the pregnancy. At this stage you may wonder what your baby looks like.

Now you will start seeing some alterations. This period is the official start of the fetal development in 10 weeks pregnant. In this period the tissues and organs in the baby’s body will hastily develop and mature.

Fetal Development in 10 Weeks Pregnant

During this stage, it is very important for the pregnant women to take care of themselves to have a healthy baby.

Here is the fetal development in the 10th week.


Now your embryo is known as fetus. Your baby is about 0.9 to 1.2 inches long when measured from crown to rump, and weighs about 0.07 ounce.


Though your fetus is moving constantly inside your womb, you actually will not be able to feel the fetal movements for some more weeks.

Feet and hands

As the feet and hands develop toes and fingers, they lost the paddle like look. The touch pads form on the fingers and already they have fingerprints.

Reproductive apparatus

Until 9 weeks, the reproductive apparatus of the fetus is similar for both the sexes. During 10th week, if it is baby boy he is forming his testicles. And around this week, the testes begin generating the testosterone hormone. If it is a girl baby she is forming ovaries.

Vital organs

The important organs like liver, intestines, brain, and kidneys are in their place and beginning to function, though their development continue throughout the pregnancy.


The baby’s head is nearly half the length of his/her body. The forehead bulges temporarily, but later it will alter into a baby like feature.


There is a continuous development of the bones. If an ultrasound scan is done in this stage, the bones appear white.


Though the fetus is small, he/she is very active and swallows the amniotic fluid and practice kicking the new limbs.

Other developments

  • The limbs of the baby are able to bend now. At the wrist the hands are flexed and meet over the heart.
  • The feet of the fetus may be long enough to meet in the front of the body.
  • The outline of the fetal spine is visible clearly through his/her translucent skin and the spinal nerves are starting to stretch out from the spinal cord.
  • The jaws are in their place.
  • The nose and mouth cavity are joined.
  • The embryonic tail which is present at the spinal cord bottom has disappeared.
  • At this week, the fetal ears get close to the final form.
  • There is an emergence of teeth buds and the eyelids grow further.


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