Fetal Development in 24 Weeks Pregnant

Now you are in the 24th week and your stomach is really growing. It is very essential to keep yourself fit and active. In this week your baby is growing and your baby is starting to fill your uterus’ space.

The important fetal development in 24 weeks pregnant is rapid brain growth; the baby also develops taste buds. Babies are very active between the weeks of 24 and 28. The movements of your baby show your physician that the baby is in a good health condition.

Fetal Development in 24 Weeks Pregnant

These movements are essential for strengthening the bones, keeping the joints flexible, and stimulating the growth of muscles. Following are the fetal developments.

Lungs of the baby

The lungs of your baby continue to grow and develop their function in this week. Indeed, the lungs are developing the respiratory tree branches. In addition to this, cells are starting to generate a substance called as surfactant which helps in inflating the air sacs in the outside world. If the baby is born without having the enough surfactant, the baby requires breathing help.

Baby’s skin

During this week, your baby’s skin is still translucent and thin and it is possible to see the bones, blood vessels and the organs beneath it. But this changes slowly due to the deposit of more fat layers between the cells of the skin.

Organ systems

As the baby grows, the baby’s central nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system and reproductive system continue to mature.

Baby’s eyes

The eyelids and eyebrows of your baby are formed fully in this week, but the baby’s eyes will not open for several more weeks. The iris, the eye’s colored part, still does not consist of any pigmentation. The baby’s eye color will be filled in the coming few months, though the final shade will not be settled until after the baby is born.


In this week ossification occurs. Ossification is the natural procedure of bone formation. The skeleton of your baby is turning slowly from cartilage to the bone. This process is continuous during the whole pregnancy period.

Baby’s brain

During this stage, the baby’s brain begins to control all the body functions, and also activates the visual and auditory systems which heighten the overall senses of the baby.

Other fetal developments

During this week, your baby will be regularly waking and sleeping. There is a growth of real hair on the baby’s head. The baby’s little ears are getting sharper and can also hear loud sounds. By now the baby’s face is almost formed, complete with eyebrows, eyelashes and hair.


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