Fetal Development in 25 Weeks Pregnant

Now you are in the second trimester. During this week, you will start to show more and skin starts stretching to accommodate your altering baby.

Be sure that you maintain your skin hydrated to avoid or ease itching related to your enlarged stomach.

There is a well fetal development in 25 weeks pregnant. During this week, your baby is beginning to gain weight.

Fetal Development in 25 Weeks Pregnant

Here is the fetal development in 25th week of pregnancy.


During this week, your baby weighs about 1 and half pounds and about 13 inches long.

Baby’s brain

Your baby’s brain is rapidly growing and the brain cells are beginning to mature. Your baby’s brain cortex is forming into layers. The cerebral cortex is the most elaborate structure of the brain which gives us the ability to plan, feel, and think in complex ways. Most of the process is still regulated by other areas of brain that formed much earlier.


Your baby’s skin is still pale, thin, and wrinkled, but your baby is becoming little plumper every day because of the continuous addition of the fat and muscle.

Blood vessels

During this stage, small blood vessels known as capillaries are beginning to form under the baby’s skin and these will provide the skin a pink shade.

Respiratory system

Though your baby’s lungs are developing faster, the baby probably requires a little help in breathing if he/she were to born in this period. Baby’s respiratory system develops continuously. This is a big week for the vocal cords and nose of the baby. The nostrils start to open and the baby can breathe, but the baby will not take his/her first breath until the delivery day. As the vocal cords are functioning officially, prepare to experience some hiccups.

Reproductive organs

The reproductive organs of your baby are developed. If the baby is a boy baby, the testes have dropped down.


Your baby’s bones are becoming harder and hands are fully developed now. The nerve connections located in the baby’s hands continue to develop.


Baby is getting an idea of how to move, he/she is wiggling the toes and fingers, and performing some twists and somersaults. He/she can hear your belly when it gives any gurgle sounds and also your voice. Your baby may be able to give a reaction to the familiar sounds like your voice, with a movement. Your baby is still swallowing the available amniotic fluid.


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