Fetal Development in 28 Weeks Pregnant

By this week, you have entered into your third trimester! This trimester typically begins with this week and continues until week 39 and sometimes even above.

There is good fetal development in 28 weeks pregnant and your baby weighs about 1 kg and about 37.5cm long. Most of the women gain an average of 5kg in this trimester.

Fetal Development in 28 Weeks Pregnant

Here is the fetal development of this week.

Baby response

During this week, the baby can open eyes and turn his/her head in the womb if the baby finds bright light from the outside. The baby will start blinking the eyes, which is now having eyelashes. He/she is able to notice your voice, your stomach’s growl when you are hungry, and even some sounds outside your body.


The brain of your baby is maturing in this week. Only some weeks back, baby’s brain was smooth, but now it is beginning to form grooves as a number of neurons are forming in the brain. Brain waves will show Rapid Eye Movement sleep, which indicates that your baby might be dreaming. Baby’s sleep cycles will be clear and become more distinct as your baby is getting closer to the due date.

Bones and fat layers

The fat layers of the baby are continuing to develop and the bones are almost developed, though they are pliable and soft still. The baby’s bones will not be hardened properly until and after the birth.


The lung branches are now quite developed, so there will be a good chance of the baby survival if he/she is born now prematurely. Blood vessels are developing all over the two lungs. The bronchial tubes are also developing, and dividing into smaller branches. There is a chance of 90% survival if your baby is born in this week. But still, some complications may be possible.


Your baby is also starting to produce a substance which is known as surfactant. This substance keeps the air sacs from uniting together in the lungs. This will also allow the baby to breathe well after the birth.

Baby’s position

Around this week, most of the babies will move to the position of head-down. This position is good for vaginal birth.

Skin covering

The lanugo (fine, downy hair) and a white waxy protective substance, which is covering the skin called as vernix, are seen on the baby’s body.

If you are expecting twins, their growth will be getting down after this week, because of the limited space in your womb.


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