Fetal Development in 29 Weeks Pregnant

You are in the 29th week now! Getting closer to your due date. You must be feeling much excited about your baby’s birth.

The fetal development in 29 weeks pregnant is good and your baby is so active now. Your doctor might ask you to spend some time in counting your baby’s kicks each day and also he/she provides specific instructions of how to do this.

Fetal Development in 29 Weeks Pregnant

Here is the fetal development in 29th week.


Now your baby weighs nearly two and a half pounds and about fifteen inches long when measured from his/her head to heal.


The head of your baby finally is in proportion with rest of the body. The head is developing bigger to have an enough room for the brain. Baby’s brain is absolutely busy in developing some billions of neurons.


The baby’s eyes can move in the sockets. They might be having the ability to follow a light that is blinking. The baby is increasing sensitivity to the alterations in the light. He/she is also having eyelashes.


In this stage the baby might also be having the ability to taste. Several analyses show that the baby may indicate the dislike or preferences for specific tastes during this stage.


Your baby is moving from one side to another side, but the position of the head is still up. After few weeks the baby moves his/her head down which is a birthing position. Baby might be doing some movements as the living condition in your womb is becoming much cramped. He/she is still performing a lot stretching and kicking.


This week represents as a key milestone in the brain development of your baby. The brain has developed to the point at which the brain can manage the body temperature. Your baby still requires your body warmth to keep itself toasty until the birth. The baby’s brain is able to regulate body temperatures, primitive breathing, and ready to form new connections with all that he/she feels, hears, sees, or touches.


Your baby may also resemble like a full term baby. He/she is nicely plumping up. The skin surface is paler and smoother as the fat is starting to gain. This fat is a very essential factor to keep the baby warm.

Other developments

Baby’s lungs and muscles are persisting to mature. He/she can respond to the pain. Under the gums the milk teeth have developed.


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