Fetal Development in 30 weeks Pregnant

At this week, you are in the third trimester of your pregnancy. 30 weeks baby is only 10 weeks away from the due date.

There is a fine fetal development in 30 weeks pregnant during which the baby weighs nearly 3 pounds and about 15 and a half inches long.

During this week, the baby proceeds to steadily add weight and insulate fat layers to his/her body.

Fetal Development in 30 weeks Pregnant


Brain of your baby continues to develop and expand, forming extra folds and grooves in the surface of the brain. These wrinkles provide the brain tissue with the required space to expand, as the baby develops and learns.

Baby’s brain can regulate the temperature now, so the baby starts to lose the lanugo, which covers his/her body for warmth. But you may notice some leftover strands of this lanugo on the shoulders and back of the newborn.


Your baby’s hands are fully formed now and the fingernails are developing. You can see this through ultrasound scans in which they may be holding their other feet or hand.


Your baby is able to open and close his/her eyelids, which frequently makes Rapid Eye Movements. It is a sign that they could be dreaming. Eyelashes and eyebrows are totally developed. Your baby can produce tears now, and can move the head and eyes towards a shining light.

Breathing movements

Your baby may be practicing these breathing movements as he/she moves the diaphragm rhythmically. You may even find a mild twitching in the abdomen when it occurs. The baby’s digestive tract and lungs are almost mature.


The baby’s body and head are proportioned in the form of a newborn now and the hair is also getting thicker on his/her head.

Bone marrow

The baby’s bone marrow is responsible for the production of Red Blood Cells now. This is an essential step for the baby as these cells help the baby’s body in transporting the oxygen and eliminating the wastes.


During this week, your baby can hear a lot from the outside and you may find additional kicks in response to the loud noises. The baby’s hearing ability has developed fairly by this stage, and can also recognize the mother’s voice.

Other developments

Baby starts storing the calcium, phosphorous and iron. The fingernails and toenails grow longer.


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