Fetal Development in 6 Weeks Pregnant

The fetal growth in the mother’s womb is an amazing thing and it is like a miracle. Every week, the baby is growing and changing.

Fetal development in 6 weeks pregnant is very exciting as the baby develops heartbeat. Though it is too weak to hear through a stethoscope, it is beating furiously at nearly 150 beats/minute.

Fetal Development in 6 Weeks Pregnant

Fetal development

Your baby is rapidly growing and the baby’s development will be felt soon. This stage is called as embryonic stage. This stage is a stage when the negative factors of the environment such as nicotine, pollutants and alcohol can severely affect the growth of the baby. In this week, the embryo is in the form of C-shape and it consists of a translucent skin.

Baby’s head

The brain chambers of the baby are developing at this time and the head size is much larger than the rest of the body. Bone tissues and muscle are building up already. The pituitary gland which produces hormones is developing along with the baby’s rest of the brain.

Baby’s sense organs

The point where the ears will grow eventually can also be noticed. In the same way, the place where eyes and nose will be developed can also be noticed in the form of dark spots.

Hands and legs

The early development of legs and hands can also be noticed. Toes and fingers have not developed yet and only webbed hands and feet are observed in its place. The baby consists of limb buds that are beginning to extend into hands, shoulders, arms and even the starting of fingers. And the leg buds will extend into legs.

Umbilical cord

The good news about this week is the embryo is developing an umbilical cord, its lifeline to oxygen and nutrients and its stable companion for the upcoming weeks.

Other organs

Some of the organs have started to form and few of them that can be noticed are pancreas, liver, lungs, and thyroid gland.

Organ systems

The baby’s heart has started to develop in a fast pace. The baby’s heart has also segmented into two chambers, as blood starts to circulate all over the body. The varied body systems also start to develop and respiratory and digestive systems are among the first developed.

Fetal movements

The first fetal movement signs are experienced in this week. These movements are slight, so a mother really cannot feel them.


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