Things to Know About Fetal Heartbeat at 6 Weeks

The truth is that at 6 weeks pregnant you aren’t showing yet, but you can be sure that there are a lot of changes going on inside you.

A lot of women are interested in the fetal heartbeat at 6 weeks. No matter how strange this may sound, even though the baby is really tiny, he already has a heartbeat.

Fetal Heartbeat at 6 Weeks

Information about the 6 weeks fetal heartbeat

The new mothers should know that during this week the placenta of the baby develops further and the yolk sac evolves providing the nutrients that the little one needs. At the beginning this yolk sac is just like a balloon that is just as big as the fetus and its size decreases as the pregnancy progresses.

What to know

Just like the heartbeat at any moment of our lives, the heartbeat at this stage should be within a given limit. If you know what you can expect, most probably you will be able to maintain your calm during the doctor’s appointment. Most probably you are interested about the limits that were mentioned before.

Normal limits

Normally the fetal heartbeat at 6 weeks should be between 120 and 160 beats per minute according to official information. You might know that this is about double the heart rate of a grown up. It is pretty logical if you come to think of it: the baby’s heart is smaller, so it has to pump faster to keep the blood moving.


Although there are limits regarding the heartbeat of the fetus at 6 weeks, you should know that the heartbeat of your baby may not be within the limits for a number of reasons. It is possible that the baby is smaller than he or she is supposed to be.

Another possibility regarding the fetal heartbeat at 6 weeks is that the baby is sleeping when the mother is having the exam and in this case the heart rate is slower. On the other hand, if you are excited, stressed or anxious during the exam, the heart rate of the baby could turn out to be higher than normal.

It is interesting to know about the heartbeat of the baby at 6 weeks that normal range doesn’t change much during the following period.

You shouldn’t be too worried about the fetal heartbeat at 6 weeks since there is nothing to do about it. Most likely this will be the one of the most emotional moments of your pregnancy since hearing the heart of your little one for the first time is truly something you will remember and treasure forever.


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