Learn About Fetus Development Stages Week by Week

The women who really wish to become pregnant may be interested in the fetus development stages week by week.

Believe it or not, the baby changes a lot in a week since in utero life is the time when the little one develops at the fastest pace.

Fetus Development Stages Week by Week

Weeks 1-6

At this time the baby is still very tiny. Nonetheless the facial features are already visible and there are two dark dots where the eyes will be. There are also openings for the ears and the nostrils. There are buds on the body of the baby that will later become the legs and arms. The little heart is already beating.

Weeks 7-12

The most important thing about the stages of the development of the baby week by week in this period is that the reflexes of the little one are becoming better and better and he or she starts to move. However you can’t feel these movements yet. The eyes are getting closer together.

Weeks 13-18

When it comes to the fetus development stages week by week, parents should know that at this stage the skin of the baby is still translucent and the blood vessels can be seen through the skin. The ears and eyes get into their final position. The good news is that you are already in your second trimester.

Weeks 19-24

By this time the baby is quite large. He or she is becoming better proportioned. The brain is developing as well as the taste buds. It is interesting to know that the fingerprints are already forming.

Weeks 25-30

The baby still has little fat, but the digestive tract and the lungs are almost fully developed. Now he or she can open the eyes and blink. It is good to know that the baby already has eyebrows.

Weeks 31-36

At this point is that the baby is at term, so all the internal systems are in place and working. He or she has been practicing a lot for the life in the world and pretty soon he or she will have the chance to practice in the real world.

Weeks 38 – 42

If you want to know about the fetus development stages week by week during the last weeks of your pregnancy, you should keep in mind that the little one is getting ready for the delivery. The baby puts on weight every day and it becomes increasingly responsive to your voice and the noises and lights outside the uterus.


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