Stages of Pregnancy Week by Week – First Weeks of Pregnancy

All women know that a pregnancy usually lasts for 40 weeks. This is why they are interested in stages of pregnancy week by week. Since the development of pregnancy is a continuous process, you can be sure that there is something interesting going on during each week.

Week one and weekly pregnancy stages

You should know that this is the first week after your last menstrual period. During this week most probably you aren’t even pregnant yet. This is the time when you have your period, you last period before you get pregnant. During this time it is a very good idea to start having a healthy lifestyle.

Week two and pregnancy stages weekly

Stages of Pregnancy Week by WeekSince the uterus shed its old lining, it will start developing a new one that will nourish the baby. The ovaries are preparing to release a mature egg. If you want to get pregnant, you should have unprotected intercourse on the 14th day before your following menstrual cycle. This is easy if you have regular periods.

Week three

This is one of the most important pregnancy stages because this is when the sperm meets the egg and fertilization takes place. It is possible that several sperms will reach the egg but only one will be able to fertilize it. At this very moment the sex of the baby will be determined by the chromosomes.

Week four

If you are interested in pregnant women’s weekly stages you should know that this is the week when pregnancy really occurs. The fertilized egg gets implanted into the uterus of the mother and the blastocyst starts its cell division after implantation and the growth of the baby begins.

Week five

The weekly stages of pregnant women are very important. The embryo is made of three layers. The first one will become the neural tube that makes up the nervous system. In the middle there is the circulatory system, the heart, bones, kidneys, muscles and reproductive system. In the middle the intestines and the liver will develop.

Week six

This is one of the most interesting stages of pregnancy week by week because this is the time when the baby’s heart starts beating for the first time. During this week the baby grows very fast and the umbilical cord develops. The ears and eyes also start to develop and there will be an opening for the mouth.

Week 7

When it comes to the week by week pregnancy stages you should know that during the 7th week the arms and legs start to develop even though the toes and fingers aren’t developed yet. In the same time the brain is growing as well along with the nose, intestines, nostrils, bronchi and pancreas.

Week 8

Usually women are really looking forward to this one of the week by week stages of pregnant women. This is because this is the time when they have their first ultrasound.

Now you have a lot more information regarding pregnancy stages week by week.


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