Ideal Weight Gain at 22 Weeks

Women, who are in the 22nd week of their pregnancy, are in the second trimester now.

Both baby and the mother are growing at a stable rate. Being aware of what to expect in this stage can provide the expectant mother with self confidence she requires at this point.

The pregnant woman should have ideal weight gain at 22 weeks. Maintaining your weight during pregnancy is also an important task.

Ideal Weight Gain at 22 Weeks

Weight gain during pregnancy

It mainly depends on your weight before pregnancy and appropriate weight to your height. The weight and height relationship is expressed in terms of BMI which stands for Body Mass Index.

Healthy weight gain

  • According to the present doctor advise, if the weight of your body was normal before your pregnancy with 18.5 to 24.9 Body Mass Index, you must have 4 pounds weight gain at the time of first trimester and then nearly a pound for each week in the remaining period of the pregnancy making an ideal weight gain of 14 pounds by 22 weeks.
  • If you possess an underweight to begin with a Body Mass Index of 18.5 below, you should have 5 pounds weight gain in the first trimester and 1.25 pounds for each week in the rest of the pregnancy period, and 17.5 pounds weight gain at 22 weeks.
  • If you are overweight with 25 to 29.9 Body Mass Index, you should have 3 pounds weight gain in the first trimester and 0.75 pounds for each week, and by 22 week you should have 10.5 pounds weight gain.

Do not go overboard

Physicians debate continuously on the weight gain during the pregnancy period with some claiming that the present suggestions are so high. Some professionals argue that the suggested weight gain for the women with overweight is particularly high, saying that the overweight women to begin their pregnancy should try to have weight gain of about 11 pounds throughout their pregnancy.

How to stay within the suggested amount

Consume healthy diet at the time of pregnancy and consult your physician to help in setting up the exercise program for you. You require nearly 300 additional calories per day at the time of your pregnancy, some at the time of your first trimester.


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