Labor Signs in 40 Weeks Pregnant

Now you are in fortieth week of your pregnancy! You are closer to the delivery date now.

At this stage, the pregnancy is highly uncomfortable; there is nothing you can do to alleviate your discomforts.

Your baby’s birth can occur at any time and it is a hard task to foretell about when your labor is going to start actually.

There are so many factors that make the pregnant woman to enter into the labor. There are some labor signs in 40 weeks pregnant which you have to be aware of.

Labor Signs in 40 Weeks Pregnant

Membrane rupture

Only one in ten women will experience this kind of amniotic fluid gush. This generally occurs at home, usually when you are in the bed. Sometimes, leakage or breakage of your amniotic sac occurs prior to the labor.

This is because of your uterus is directly resting on the top of the bladder; it can result in the urine leakage. Sometimes distinguishing the amniotic fluid and urine will be difficult. If there is a membrane rupture and the amniotic fluid leakage, the fluid will be odorless.

Sometimes there will be a slow leakage and in some other times it occurs all at once. If you experience any fluid leakage, you should try to find out whether it is odorless or smells like urine. If it is odorless, you should immediately contact your doctor.

Blood show

If you find any blood stains in the urine passage it is actually the time for your delivery and immediately go to the hospital as from now at any time you could be in labor. Some women experience a gush of blood before the actual pregnancy contractions start, so they might not feel any discomfort and the cervix may begin to push the baby rapidly than expected.

Cervical dilations

Just nearly a week before the actual delivery, cervical contractions will occur in every woman’s uterus. Only the doctor can tell by carrying out an internal pelvic examination on the dilation extent and onset of the labor. Dilation is measured in terms of centimeters during the internal pelvic examination. Fully dilated indicates that you are at 10cm and ready to deliver your baby.


When you start experiencing the regular uterine contractions, it indicates that you are into the labor. Contractions mainly tighten up the womb muscles which pull up on the cervix and push the baby down. First you might experience mild pain or discomfort around the abdomen that goes and comes. But as the time goes on, these contractions will become more intense, longer and stronger. Hence, you may experience lingering backache and find the weight of the baby being moved downwards or the dropping of the baby into the pelvis.


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