Labor Symptoms in 37 Weeks Pregnant

Now you are in the final phase of your pregnancy. At this week, your baby has just completed growing inside your womb. Officially it is considered that you are carrying a full term baby even there are 3 weeks to go.

Some women may experience labor symptoms in 37 weeks pregnant during this week. Your body is preparing for the labor and begins to look at the labor signs. There is no way to guess when the labor will start.

Actually your body starts preparing for the labor till a month before the delivery.

Here are some labor symptoms which may occur this week.


Contractions are the universal labor sign that each and every woman will have before her delivery. While these contractions may not be real contractions, such contractions are called as Braxton Hicks contractions which are also called as false labor contractions.

In the true labor, these contractions will be regular and often it starts in the back and moves to the front. And they gradually become closer together and stronger. If these contractions last for 45 seconds to 60 seconds, you should immediately go to the hospital.

Labor Symptoms in 37 Weeks Pregnant

Membranes rupture

Membranes rupture is also called as water breaking. This may occur as slow trickle of fluid or gush of fluid. In some cases regular contractions occur before the water breakage, but in some other cases, the water break occurs first.

When this occurs, the labor generally follows soon. You should call your doctor immediately if this membrane rupture takes place, and also be prepared to tell the fluid color, rupture time, and the baby movement.

Mucus plug

You can lose the mucus plug at this time. This mucous plug is a small amount of the thickened mucous which blocks your cervical canal that leads to the uterus. This mucous plug may come in a lump at once, or in the form of the increased vaginal discharge in a course of various days. This mucous might be tinged with the blood, which it is called as bloody show.


This is experienced like your baby is dropping. If it is your first pregnancy, you may experience this lightning some weeks before your labor starts as the baby drops down into the pelvis. You may notice heaviness in the pelvis area as this occurs and find less strain just under your ribcage, making it simple to catch the breath.


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