The Position of Baby at 38 Weeks Pregnant

The position of baby at 38 weeks pregnant is pretty important because the position that the little one has right now will be the position that he or she will have upon birth.

This is because the baby doesn’t have enough space to change positions so he or she can only roll from one side to the other.

Position of Baby at 38 Weeks Pregnant

Things to know

By this time, the baby is of about 20 inches long and he or she should weigh over seven pounds. The soft hair that covered the body of the baby is most probably gone by now and there is more and more body fat accumulated. Because of this the baby is gaining about an ounce every day.

Weight gain

When thinking about the position of the baby during the 38th week of pregnancy you should know that the development of the baby is complete by this time, so the only thing left for the baby to do is to gain weight. Having layers of fat is important to help regulate the temperature of the baby’s body.


The majority of mothers would like to have a baby with hair and this is what they are thinking about regarding the position of baby at 38 weeks pregnant. In some cases the hair of the baby could be longer than an inch upon birth, but some babies only have something resembling the peach fuzz.

As it has been mentioned before regarding the 38th week pregnant baby position, the majority of the lanugo is already gone, but there may be some left on the shoulders and upper back. In the same time the vernix may have also disappeared.

Not so cute things about the 38th pregnancy week baby position

If you are thinking about the position of baby at 38 weeks pregnant you should know that the baby could swallow vernix and lanugo along with the amniotic fluid. These build up in the bowels in the form of waste products. These will form the first bowel movement of the baby that is known as meconium.

When it comes to the position of baby at 38 weeks pregnant parents should know that about 30% of all fetuses have bowel movements even before they are born. This usually means that the baby is stressed. In case the little one swallows any amniotic fluid that has meconium, it could cause pneumonia.


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