Evaluating Pregnancy Myths and Facts

There are a lot of pregnancy myths and facts and the truth is that there are a lot of women who actually believe in these myths. Although they might not all be true, some part of them could have some real basis. But how do you know what to believe and what not to believe?

Pregnancy Myths and Facts

Eating for two as part of myths and facts of pregnancy

There is no reason to eat for two. You should gain the most weight during the second half of your pregnancy. During this time you should have 250-300 extra calories per day, but not more. This means that you just need an extra sandwich per day and you don’t actually have to eat for two.


One of the most popular myths and facts regarding pregnancy is that sex will hurt the little one. Some people are afraid that the penis will hit the baby. The penis can only hit the cervix that is closed and hard. In normal cases sex can’t hurt the baby, except in case of placenta previa, bleeding, preterm labor or a weak cervix.

Cereal for breakfast

You may wonder about this one of the pregnancy myths and facts if you seek some real facts. According to a study women who have cereal in the morning before they get pregnant are more likely to have a boy. Although the reason isn’t clear yet, it might have something to do with the carbs that turn into sugar.

Spicy foods and colicky baby

When considering the myths and facts about pregnant women you should know that colic means longer periods of crying without any reason. However there is no reason for you to avoid spicy foods, because studies didn’t show any connection between the kinds of foods that mothers have and colicky babies.

Cell phone

Some people believe regarding the pregnancy myths and facts that using a cell phone can hurt the baby. According to official information the use of cell phones doesn’t have anything to do with birth defects and at the moment there are no limitations regarding the cell phone use of pregnant women.

Full moon

While some believe that the lunar cycle has something to do with the pregnant women’s myths and facts you should know that according to one of the studies conducted in France, the deliveries of the babies are equally distributed throughout the lunar cycle. Other studies drew the same conclusions as well.

The placenta and pregnancy myths and facts

There are a lot of myths and facts of pregnant women that involve the placenta. According to some you should eat it, while others require you to plant it or to use it for artwork. In fact at this moment there is no evidence suggesting that using the placenta would have any effects on the mother or the baby.


As you can see there are a lot of pregnancy myths and facts and they involve everything that surrounds the mother. Make sure that you won’t be fooled by these myths.


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