Important Physical and Emotional Changes During Pregnancy Weeks

All pregnancy weeks come with important changes on both physical and emotional levels.

The best thing you could do is to prepare for them in time. Consider the past experiences of other women. One of the things you can do to be prepared is to talk to other new moms.

Pregnancy Weeks

Physical changes during the weeks of pregnancy

These changes refer to the ones that you can see with the naked eye or the ones that you can experience. These may also have an emotional effect on you.

The breasts

During the weeks of your pregnancy you might notice that your breasts grow and they can also become tender. As your pregnancy progresses, the breasts get ready for breastfeeding so they grow even bigger and they might start leaking milk. Make sure that you wear the right bras that are comfortable and offer support. In case of tender breasts you can put them off limits for your partner.


It is common for the pregnancy weeks to bring congestion. This appears because of the larger blood volume that also causes runny nose. In order to get rid of the mucus you might use a saline spray. If you didn’t try it until now, give the neti pot a shot.

Frequent urination

This is one of the most well-known symptoms of your pregnancy’s weeks. Your blood volume grows during pregnancy and so there is more pressure on the kidneys. As the baby grows, his or her weight puts even more pressure on the bladder so you will always feel like you have to use the bathroom.

Emotional changes

When thinking about the pregnancy weeks you have to prepare for all the emotional changes that you will go through. Don’t be surprised by these changes because they are normal. Most probably they will become easier to accept if you understand why they happen.


When it comes to the pregnancy period you can expect fluctuating hormone levels. As a result you have more ups and downs. Because of this you may feel panicky and unsure and you can have extreme reactions to the smallest things, including crying.


During the pregnancy weeks your body changes and so you might feel different about yourself. It is possible that you feel trapped in your own body or you can feel unattractive and fat. If this happens you should think about the fact that at the moment you are the symbol of womanhood because of your pregnancy.

Worries regarding labor

In case you are thinking about the period of pregnancy most probably you have some worries regarding the pain that you might experience during labor. If you find out more information about labor and childbirth you could relax a bit because you will understand why some of the things happen.

Women have to go through major changes during the pregnancy weeks so it is no wonder that they get worried from time to time. To make the situation easier for yourself, you should find out what you can expect.


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