Preventing the Stretch Marks at 18 Weeks Pregnancy

The stretch marks are medically known as gravidanum stretch. Generally these stretch marks start to occur when entering into the 18th week of pregnancy.

By this week, your stomach and your baby both are growing. Because of that red streaks or stretch marks will appear on your buttocks, hips, abdomen or thighs. Every woman will not get these stretch marks at the time of pregnancy

Preventing the Stretch Marks at 18 Weeks Pregnancy

. Unluckily there is no proven method to prevent these stretch marks. However, there are some ways in preventing the stretch marks at 18 weeks pregnancy.

Have a healthy diet

These stretch marks appear at the time of pregnancy because of the weight gain. Reduce the likelihood of these stretch marks by restricting your weight gain to twenty to twenty five pounds, or whatever weight your physician has suggested you. Consume a healthy diet which includes healthy fats, fruits, vegetables and proteins.

Do not scratch

Do not scratch the stretch marks. If you scratch these stretch marks it can damage your skin.

Moisturize daily

Sufficiently apply lotion to your thighs, buttocks and abdomen after you take bath in the morning and in the night before going to bed. This moisturizing can aid in maintaining your skin from becoming very tight. If your skin is more flexible and supple, you will less likely develop the stretch marks.

Do regular exercises

Before you start doing exercises, ask your physician about which type of exercises are safe at the time of pregnancy. Some suggestions might include prenatal yoga, walking, or swimming. Doing regular exercises will help you in maintaining your weight in the recommended range, and it will also keep your baby healthy while minimizing the risk of your stretch marks.

Hydrate yourself

When you are dehydrated, your skin also suffers. Keep a bottle of water with you all over the day, and drink enough water. This will help you in staying healthy and also helps in preventing the drying out of your skin, which makes these stretch marks less likely to occur.

Vitamin E oil

Daily apply vitamin E oil to the abdomen. Sprinkle some drops on the stomach and massage it gently. Don’t be worried about these stretch marks as they usually fade after your pregnancy, and these are harmless. By preventing the occurrence of these stretch marks, your skin will look healthy and beautiful.


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