More About the Signs and Symptoms of 10 Weeks Pregnant

By the time women start thinking about the signs and symptoms of 10 weeks pregnant, most probably they have been experiencing several symptoms already.

There are a lot of physical changes going on in your body and it is just natural that these affect your everyday life.

Signs and Symptoms of 10 Weeks Pregnant

Morning sickness

Although it is called morning sickness, you should know that the problem can strike at just any moment of the day. Usually women have an upset stomach and some of them find it difficult to keep any food down. Make sure that you have a healthy diet and you could have some salty snacks to soothe the stomach.

Mood swings

Everything is acceptable about the behavior of pregnant women because most of the annoying aspects are caused by the 10 pregnancy week symptoms and signs. The mood swings are caused by the pregnancy hormones that also make women sensitive. It is possible for them to cry in one minute and to laugh in the next.

Bowel movements

When thinking about the signs and symptoms of 10 weeks pregnant, you should know that flatulence is really common in this period. In order to make the problem better eat foods high in fiber. If you have nausea and you don’t eat regularly, the problems with the bowel movements will just get worse.

Food cravings

There are a lot of women fighting with the 10th week of pregnancy signs and symptoms who have food cravings. Although you might indulge from time to time, make sure that you don’t eat too much. At this stage there is no need for extra calories for the development of the baby.

The breasts

The women thinking about the signs and symptoms of 10 weeks pregnant should know that it is common to notice the areola darkening. By this time the breasts shouldn’t be swollen or tender. However, the breasts will be fuller and rounder and the blue veins will also become more visible.

The vagina

The 10th pregnancy week warning signs also include noticing more milky discharge coming from the vagina. You shouldn’t be using special wipes or douches during this time to make sure that you won’t harm the pH of the vagina. This could lead to an infection.

Although the signs and symptoms of 10 weeks pregnant aren’t necessarily present, all women can live with them for a short while.


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