Top Signs and Symptoms of 11 Weeks Pregnant

Usually it is impossible not to notice the signs and symptoms of 11 weeks pregnant.

Women aren’t supposed to gain any weight at this stage, but the belly could grow a little.

This is usually because the uterus expands and bloating may also have a word to say in the matter.

Signs and Symptoms of 11 Weeks Pregnant

Hair, toenails and fingernails

There are some changes that you may notice regarding your nails and hair. These grow faster during pregnancy mostly because of the pregnancy hormones. Also women usually notice that they have more hair than before pregnancy. This is because during pregnancy the hair doesn’t shed as it normally does.


When thinking about the 11th week of pregnancy signs and symptoms some women believe that they can already feel the baby move. In fact, what they feel is the fluttering of their stomach caused by gas. The problem can also be accompanied by bloating.

Higher temperature

Some of the signs and symptoms of 11 weeks pregnant are caused by the fact that now there is more blood flowing through your circulatory system, that increases the body temperature. In the same time the body is burning a lot of calories to support the pregnancy. This also increases the body temperature.


Although this is supposed to be the most beautiful period of your life, the 11th pregnancy week signs and symptoms might make it difficult for you to enjoy it. One of the most bothersome symptoms is the headache. The truth is that the specialists don’t really know why pregnant women are affected by headaches so often.

If you are interested in the signs and symptoms of 11 weeks pregnant you should know that the caffeine withdrawal, fatigue and stress could all have a role to play in the matter, not to mention the pregnancy hormones. The good news is that the headaches will get better in the second trimester.

Mixed emotions

The women interested in the 11th week symptoms of pregnant women ought to know that during this time women are on an emotional rollercoaster. They usually have mixed feelings about the pregnancy and they can get upset because of the smallest things.

Regarding the signs and symptoms of 11 weeks pregnant it is good to know that they will change quite a lot once you reach the second trimester, when life will become easier for you.


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