Signs and Symptoms of 12 Weeks Pregnant

If you are thinking about the signs and symptoms of 12 weeks pregnant you should know that during this week the pregnancy symptoms aren’t as bad as they were before and things will get even better in the following period.

Although the old symptoms start to disappear, new ones appear.

Signs and Symptoms of 12 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy glow

You might have heard that pregnant women have a special glow. This is because of the higher estrogen levels and because of the increased blood flow. There are some changes in the skin as well, that make you look better, and have a rosy complexion.

Dark spots

The downside of the 12th week of pregnancy signs and symptoms is that the skin also has some negative changes. You may have already noticed the freckles, moles and other dark spots. The darkening of the skin is temporary and it will disappear after childbirth.


You may have thought you got rid of acne in high school, but the signs and symptoms of 12 weeks pregnant will bring it back. This problem is caused by progesterone. If you had outbreaks before, you have higher chances of being affected by acne during your pregnancy.

The breasts

Although the breasts aren’t tender or swollen anymore, as one of the 12th pregnancy week signs and symptoms you might notice that the areola and the nipples become darker and the areola can also become bigger. Again, the changes are caused by the pregnancy hormones.

Linea nigra

For sure you will notice this one of the signs and symptoms of 12 weeks pregnant if you will have it. It is a dark line between your belly button and the pelvic region. The darkening of the skin is only temporary and it will fade away after you give birth.

Stretch marks

This is one of the most dreaded 12th week symptoms of pregnant women. The skin needs to stretch to accommodate the baby and since it isn’t flexible enough, the tissue gets torn and the stretch marks appear. You can minimize the damage to the skin if you moisturize the skin. While the stretch marks have a vivid color at the beginning, the color will fade with time.

The signs and symptoms of 12 weeks pregnant aren’t as unpleasant as the symptoms of the previous weeks. We can’t say that they are pleasant, but you can live with them.


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