Signs and Symptoms of 13 Weeks Pregnant

There are a lot of future mothers thinking about the signs and symptoms of 13 weeks pregnant.

The good news is that at this point you are already in your second trimester.

Keep in mind that not all women experience the same symptoms and women can experience the symptoms at different stages.

Signs and Symptoms of 13 Weeks Pregnant

Large belly and breasts

At this time you might notice that your breasts and the belly are growing.            They are preparing to nourish the baby. Most probably the breasts will seem fuller and heavier. The good news is that the breast tenderness subsides. Nonetheless some of the women experience breast tenderness throughout their entire pregnancy.

The rapid growth causes one of the 13thweek of pregnancy signs and symptoms: the expansion of the belly. It is possible that your jeans will seem a bit tight at the waist. At this point you might be thinking about shopping for maternity clothes.

Frequent urination

When thinking about the signs and symptoms of 13 weeks pregnant it is very likely that you will have to go to the toilet more often. As the baby grows, he or she puts more and more pressure on the bladder. The bad news is that you might be experiencing this symptom throughout the entire pregnancy.

Changes of the skin

A lot of women see the 13th pregnancy week symptoms and signs that involve stretch marks on the abdomen, arms, breasts and thighs. If this isn’t your first child you might notice the skin changes a lot sooner. As the skin stretches, you might also experience some itching.

The bad news about the signs and symptoms of 13 weeks pregnant is that there is no magic cream or lotion that would prevent the stretch marks. However, you could try using moisturizing products. Make sure that you don’t have hot showers and opt for the products that come with cocoa butter.


The 13th week signs of pregnant women may experience increased fatigue. The body consumes a lot of energy to maintain the pregnancy. Fatigue is made even worse by the pregnancy hormone progesterone. However the majority of women feel like their energy is returning during this period.

As you can see the signs and symptoms of 13 weeks pregnant aren’t pleasant, but for sure you can live with them for the following months.


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