Find More About the Signs and Symptoms of 14 Weeks Pregnant

Being 14 weeks pregnant isn’t easy and the signs and symptoms of 14 weeks pregnant just make the situation worse.

During this time some new symptoms appear, such as gas, backaches and water retention.

All these are caused by the changes that go on inside your body.

Signs and Symptoms of 14 Weeks Pregnant


About half of all women have back pain at some point of their pregnancy. You can experience pain when sitting or standing or even when lying in the bed. The problem is caused by the pressure that the growing baby puts on your back muscles. Make the problem better by wearing low-heeled shoes.

Although this one of the 14th week of pregnancy symptoms and signs is normal, you should keep an eye out for severe back pain. This could indicate a complication of the pregnancy. In case you notice this symptom, make sure to talk to your health care provider about it.


This is one of the most common signs and symptoms of 14 weeks pregnant. The women experiencing fluttering in their stomach should know that it is caused by bloating and gas. Gas can be caused by different kinds of foods, such as carbonated soft drinks.

When it comes to the 14th pregnancy week signs and symptoms, you shouldn’t have pasta or beans so you won’t have problems with gas. It is a good idea to have smaller meals during the day. Have about six meals per day and try to chew your food thoroughly.


Most women can see numerous signs and symptoms of 14 weeks pregnant, such as swollen ankles and feet. This is caused by water retention. Although it is uncomfortable, it is entirely normal. In some cases, the problem is caused by lifestyle habits.

Skin itchiness

This is another one of the 14th week signs of pregnant women. As the skin stretches, it can itch. The hormonal changes usually make the itching worse. To make the problem better, you should try having an oatmeal bath and make sure that your skin is well moisturized.

There are a lot of different signs and symptoms of 14 weeks pregnant to think about, but if you are lucky, you won’t have to deal with all of them. Some of the symptoms will disappear by the end of this trimester but new ones will appear to take their place.


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