Interesting Signs and Symptoms of 18 Weeks Pregnant

The majority of the future mothers are curious about the signs and symptoms of 18 weeks pregnant.

There is a lot going on inside your belly, so it is just natural that you are also affected by these changes.

It is interesting to know that during this week you will be experiencing some new symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of 18 Weeks Pregnant

The baby moving

If you feel something strange in your belly most probably you are already feeling the first movements of the baby. However, you shouldn’t worry if you don’t feel anything of this kind yet. There is still lot of time for the baby to make his or her presence known.


This is an 18th week of pregnancy sign or symptom that is really common. It is caused by the fact that progesterone makes the muscles relax and the uterus is pressing against your rectum so that it becomes difficult for you to control the muscles. All you can do about this problem is to relax.

Leg cramps

This one of the signs and symptoms of 18 weeks pregnant usually appears during the night, making it even more difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep. The doctors don’t really know why they appear, but you can reduce their occurrence if you do some calf stretches before going to bed.

Bleeding gums

It is just natural that this one of the 18th pregnancy week symptoms and signs is caused by the pregnancy hormones. They make the mucus membranes to swell. This could result in irritated and bleeding gums. Go on with washing your teeth and flossing, but make sure that you are gentle.

Skin, nail and hair

A lot of women have the pregnancy glow as one of the signs and symptoms of 18 weeks pregnant, but it is possible that you got redness, eczema and acne instead. These are entirely normal during pregnancy. However, if you see a dermatologist make sure to tell him or her that you are pregnant.

Varicose veins

It is possible for this one of the 18th week signs of pregnant women to cause pain and itching. In this case you should wear a supporting hose. It is best to put them on in the morning even before you get out of bed to avoid the blood pooling.

The signs and symptoms of 18 weeks pregnant aren’t pleasant, but you can live with them.


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