Signs and Symptoms of 2 Weeks Pregnant

There might me only little bit of changes which can be noticed in the second week of pregnancy, but some are adapted with their bodies that they will find differences this early.

Other women will notice some pregnancy signs and might not think that it is a sign of pregnancy. To be aware here are some signs and symptoms of 2 weeks pregnant.

Signs and Symptoms of 2 Weeks Pregnant


This spotting appears when the implantation of fertilized egg takes place into the uterus. It is called as implantation bleeding. There is nothing to be worried about this, and most of the women do not have clarity and confuse with the spotting between the periods.


Fatigue might be seen in the early pregnancy. Women notice it when they still feel tired or weak after sleeping which is a regular length for them or after a long day. This is due to hormones increase in the body. During the early pregnancy the progesterone hormone levels increases which results in the sleepy mood. The lower levels of blood sugar, lower BP and increase in the blood production may weaken your energy.


This can start at 2 weeks of pregnancy because of the hormones. It may be in the form of morning sickness or as food aversion. Morning sickness can be expected in any time that is in the daytime or nighttime. Nausea occurs at least in part from the increasing levels of progesterone and estrogen which results in emptying stomach more slowly. Some women may also have elevated smell, so different kind of odors like cigarette smoke, perfume, or foods cooking may cause nausea.


Most of the women expect cramps during the 2nd week of the pregnancy due their period of impending. But these cramps might occur at the time of implantation and after that in any time.


Your breasts are one of the first signs of pregnancy. After conception in the early weeks, changes in the hormones might shape your breasts sore, tender or tingly. Breasts might start to ache slightly and might increase little bit in the size.

Rise in the temperature

For pregnant women, there will be an increase in the body temperature. This appears at the time of ovulation and continuous through the pregnancy and implantation. Increase in the temperature of the body is one of the good signs of the pregnancy in the first 3 weeks.


During the second week of pregnancy, a physician might give you a blood or urine test, but it might be so early to confirm the woman’s pregnancy. The physician may likely want to look the lady nearer to 2 to 4 weeks of pregnancy.


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